Change Mechanics offer services across a whole range of Change Delivery and IT Transformation themes, including:

Change/IT Effectiveness: target operating models, transformation planning, change delivery excellence, workforce transformation

IT Governance: Business-IT relationship management, governance models, scorecards and reporting

End-to-End Portfolio Management: Portfolio prioritisation, demand management, supply/demand, resource planning and workforce strategy

Change Delivery: Programme and project governance, delivery oversight and optimisation

PMO Transformation: Spanning across all levels of PMO governance (portfolio, programme, project etc.) and including both business and IT requirements

PPM Automation: Developing strategies and plans for PPM investment programmes, covering process, organisational and tooling considerations

Cost Reduction: Delivering greater efficiency and reducing cost leakage across all areas of change / IT planning and execution

Business Change: Defining the business change targets and associated actions to achieve the right transformation outcomes.

We can provide both direct consulting and interim management services in all these areas. All our people combine a professional services background with hands on client delivery and line management experience.